Continua Certified Telehealth Solutions

Health and Fitness

Sarah is going to run in her first marathon next month and is now running five times a week. She loves using HealthLink PC and her online PHR everyday to track the changes in her weight and to compare her resting heart rate with her heart rate just after a training session. She knows she is training safely, setting goals for herself, and can easily share her progress with her personal trainer.

Promoting Corporate Wellness

George is the HR manager of a successful company. He knows that if his employees are healthy they will be more productive and require fewer sick days. He created an incentive program for his employees to use HealthLink PC and a PHR to track their health and fitness and set goals for themselves.The employees get a break on their insurance and George gets a happier, more efficient staff.

Chronic Disease Management

Lin has chronic heart failure. She uses HealthLink PC when she takes her blood pressure and weight. Being able to see that her daily values are in check makes her feel more comfortable about living independently. Her son, who lives two states away, feels much more comfortable with her independence knowing that he can keep an eye on her daily measurements.

Aging Independently

Mary is 79 years old and loves to cook. She has been living in her home for over 40 years. Her husband passed away a few years ago but she can't imagine living anywhere else. She uses HealthLink PC when she takes her daily medication and when she takes her daily blood pressure. She's confident that she's taking care of her own health, and her children feel more comfortable knowing she is taking her meds.